Author: Debbie Southwood-Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                         I hate emojis. I love music. I am a facilitator, a muse, a stylish girl, and a worker among workers. I am a recovering everything. A living testament that, “more will be revealed.”  I am a record executive, a teacher, and music lover. I devour books, and put on outfits to read them. I put on outfits to do anything. I am a zeitgeist, a muse, a supreme organizer of other’s insanity, while I try to hide my own. I do a mean headstand. I am a friend to rock stars, artists, academics, entrepreneurs, the have been, the have-nots, and housewives. I am a devoted dog mommy. I am obsessed with tragic women, and in love with powerful women. Being a woman makes me indescribable, although I’m sitting here quite comically trying. I tragically lost someone. Relationships are never accidental. I have stories. He urged me to write them. Gary, I lost the words (and the car). You said, “I forgive you everything,” as well as, “Are you writing?” “Are you writing?” “Are you writing?” ‘Debbie’s Song’ was first heard on InsidePlaya. I can’t find the car, but I promise I will find my voice.

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BTW-I work really hard at this.  If you’re reading it, I love you.  However, attribute any content used, in part or as a whole, to the author.  In other words, please don’t steal my shit.






One thought on “Contact”

  1. You Only Live Twice. I am simultaneously spellbound, excited, love-struck, heartbroken, aroused, curious and deeply, deeply moved. I want to smoke a cigarette, I feel so spent. I will read this again because it is so smart, so well-written and so insightful. Those insights are so clearly born of wisdom which only comes from time and experience. Thanks butterfly. ❤


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