This is Debbie’s Song. It sounds a lot like sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Debbie’s Song chronicles my adventures and misadventures with the people I met as a female A&R executive. Some stories are just about sex, or just drugs or just music or just life as a single woman living in the West Village in the 90s. Believe me, truly colorful people traipsed through my life, and so what happens next? Well I’ll tell you. I cut a vein and bleed all over the page because these are my stories and they deserve all of me. Songs run through my head all day long…and party everyday…it’s just a kiss away…phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust…oh say say say…has anybody found the bridge? You too? I think you’ll like it here. All the young dudes and the boogaloo and the love, oh we can love are sung in my song. I hope you’ll read it and walk away humming.

About the author: I have been in the music business for about 30 years now.  I worked as an A&R executive for Rockville Records, EMI, A&M and was a VP of A&R for Interscope Records.  I signed Queens of the Stone Age, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, DGeneration, Uncle Tupelo (later Wilco), inherited Monster Magnet and worked with an intensive and extensive group of incredible musicians from Ryan Adams to Chris Cornell.  I was kind of a rock-n-roll supermodel in the 90s (a term one of my best friends coined and I like it).  I did jet set around the world.  I worked in some of the most esteemed recording studios.  I think I know where the Ladies Room is in every club in America.  After all the extensive layoffs (thank you Napster) in the early and mid 2000’s I lost my job.  I went back to school and got a Masters Degree in teaching.  I did that for about 8 years.  Mostly in the inner city because I’d survived many an Ozzfest on tour with QOTSA and figured I could walk through chaos and not even recognize it, which I can do.  But I still burned out.  On teaching!  Swimming in the shark tank at one of the most misogynist record companies as a female executive was easy compared to America’s school system which really sucks.  These days I do some independent music consulting but for the most part I write.  Yep, I write.  I figure I’ve babysat long enough.  It’s my turn now.

If you like what you’ve been reading hit the “Follow” button at the bottom of each post.  You’ll be asked for your email address which won’t be sold, promise.  What will happen is you will be notified anytime I post something new.  Then you won’t have to check FB, Twitter, Instagram…breathlessly waiting for me.  And, I’d love to be in your life in a more substantial way.  It’s a win-win situation.  xxxx.

BTW-I work really hard at this.  If you’re reading it, I love you.  However, attribute any content used, in part or as a whole, to the author.  In other words, please don’t steal my shit.






3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. You Only Live Twice. I am simultaneously spellbound, excited, love-struck, heartbroken, aroused, curious and deeply, deeply moved. I want to smoke a cigarette, I feel so spent. I will read this again because it is so smart, so well-written and so insightful. Those insights are so clearly born of wisdom which only comes from time and experience. Thanks butterfly. ❤


  2. Hey Debbie!
    It’s Brian Nicholas, your former intern at EMI when you signed Jesse & DGen. I just saw you in Drew Stones film about Michael Alago and looked you up! What an epic docu! Wild times!
    Anyway! Just thought I’d say hello! I live in Amsterdam for the last 19 years. Did some music stuff and owned a restaurant & club for a while. Now I mostly relax and travel. Shit life!! Haha!
    If you’re every in Amsterdam look me up for a nice dinner & a show at the Melkweg or Paradiso!
    I like Debbiesong! Nice flow and honesty!
    Hope your feeling good these days!

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  3. Hey Brian!
    What a great surprise. It makes me happy that you like theses stories. I am writing a book. I was picked up by a well respected literary agent who works with some great authors. So is kind of on hiatus while I work on the bigger picture. Amsterdam! How on earth did you end up there? That’s just fabulous. You can email me at: to give me more info and we can exchange phone numbers. I am thrilled to hear from you. Gosh I’ve gotten notes from Germany and Amsterdam in one week. It really is shocking to hear from you and it sounds like you have a few stories of your own dude. Would love to hear more. Please be in touch. xxxx


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